Our teaching strategies

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Our programs are designed to enable students to reach their objectives in a timely manner and take into account the age and socio-professional background of each student. They follow the linguistic guidelines contained in the Common European Framework for Languages.

Teaching Team

Our learners are taught by a fully qualified and diverse teaching team chosen for their experience and skills in language teaching. Our instructors are National Education Certified or University graduates with internationally recognized degrees, specialists in the target language, experts in adult training, and trained in the use of classroom technology.
Our instructional engineers develop new computer-based learning systems to fulfill each student’s needs and to offer personalized teaching methods. Our e-learning courses and the creation of a digital workspace are part of the latest technological improvements. 

Attentive to students needs

Classroom activities are organized specifically to develop speaking and listening skills. Our language laboratories, multimedia workshops and TV studio keep the students involved in every phase of their language development.
Activities in the TV studio help students re-enact in real-life situations. Studio sessions are broadcast and analyzed in class or individually to make the students more conscious of their linguistic performance in order to improve their overall communication skills.

Academic advisors

We provide academic advising at every step of your training program.

Before the course
To help students make informed decisions after filling out a preliminary   questionnaire to analyze their needs and objectives and the options available.

During the course
Accompanied by a designated teacher.

After the course, a certificate is given out after successful completion of a course and is accompanied by a skills assessment sheet stating the level reached and the teachers’ comments.