One-to-one online course

One-to-one online course
Langue(s) : French


All types




  • Enhancing communication skills;
  • Improving speaking, listening and writing;
  • Reinforcing the basic linguistic structures: grammar, vocabulary, spelling, etc.
  • Enriching one's knowledge of French culture through thematic activities.


The majority of activities are interactive and self-correcting. They are followed by a select number of written exercises which are then sent to the tutor to be corrected and analyzed. To complete the lesson and to facilitate assimilation, students interact with their tutor over the phone (or Skype) on a regular basis.

Within 24 hours (from Monday to Friday), the tutor sends back his/her corrections and a personalized evaluation of the student's work including advice on how to improve performance.

Included in the course platform :

  • Communication tools (forum, chat) to stay in touch with the teacher and other students in a group;
  • Complementary interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises;
  • Vocabulary lists;
  • Grammar rules.


  • Log on any time, accessible 7/7, 24/24
  • Access to the platform: 15 weeks

Courses offered :
e-learning 30: 30 hours of tutoring
e-learning 35: 35 hours of tutoring including 5 hours of telephone lessons


    All year


    Skills assessment
    Course certificate
    Attendance record.



    e-formation 30 :    630,00 €
    e-formation 35 : 1 039,50 €