One-to-one phone course

One-to-one phone course
Langue(s) : French


Customised telephone training is primarily intended for adults as part of continuing vocational training, but it is also available for students and individuals.


A2 and above


  • gain confidence speaking on the phone in French and acquiring reflexes,
  • learn how to communicate more efficiently by increasing fluency, boosting your capacity to understand spoken French and  developing your linguistic tools,
  • practice using the language in professional and/or social situations.


Telephone lesson topics are chosen in advance with the student based on their individual needs and objectives.


The personalized phone course is managed by the Carel and the tutor who is assigned to the course. The estimated 10-hour duration of training is to be completed over a period of 10 consecutive weeks. Each session includes:

  • teaching material for the phone lesson
  • 30 minutes of telephone conversation
  • a report sent by the tutor which complements each telephone lesson, including personalised comments and performance analyses throughout the training period.

The student may at any time contact his/her tutor by e-mail to solve any potential problems relating to his/her training (grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, etc.).

We also offer complementary sessions to meet specific demands.


All year


Skills assessment
Course certificate
Attendance record.



10 sessions : 500,00 €