adult french as a foreign language programmes

Individual distance learning lessons



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General public


10 sessions of 30 minutes by Zoom, Skype or telephone


Distance learning


10 consecutive weeks


From A2


All year round


    • to be at ease during telephone calls in French
    • to develop and improve listening and speaking skills
    • to practice the language in professionnal and/or personal contexts
    • to reinforce knowledge


The subjects of the phone conversations are selected in advance with the trainee according to their needs.



The estimated duration of the training is 10 hours, divided into 10 sessions to be carried out over a period of 10 consecutive weeks.

Each session includes :

    • the sending of teaching aids to prepare the conversation (the estimated time of this tutored work is 30 minutes)
    • 30 minutes telephone conversation with the tutor
    • a report of the conversation written by the trainer with comments and advice, and if necessary teaching resources to consolidate what has been learnt

The trainer sends personalised advice throughout the training and will help the trainee on any question related to the training.

We propose additional sessions to meet all specific requests. Contact us.



The learners receive three documents at the end of the training :

    • an end of course certificate stating the duration and objectives of the course
    • a report of the training which includes an evaluation of the skills acquired
    • a certificate of attendance




10 sessions : 500€