DELF – DALF Preparation

DELF – DALF Preparation


According to student’s level and exam to prepare


From level B1


15 students maximum


Monday – Thursday : 9h – 12h / 13h30 – 16h
Friday : 9h – 12h


At the CAREL

DELF – DALF Preparation course


    • reviewing exam methodology which tests the 4 skills necessary to communicate in French : listening, speaking, reading, writing.
    • developing strategies to succeed in the different tests
    • improving student’s overall linguistic level
    • enriching student’s vocabulary and socio-cultural knowledge


The duration of the programme depends on the student’s level and DELF exam he/she wants to take. 
The programmes offered are taken from the level descriptors of the CEFR and the criteria required by France Education International (FEI) based  on previous tests. 

    • improve general linguistic skills (general intensive French Course)
    • help the student feel comfortable with the exam format (different parts, timing, rating)
    • practice exercises and mock exams which are corrected and analysed.

Study material and equipement:

    • authentic documents, recordings, DELF / DALF topics
    • language laboratory (oral comprehension)
    • TV studio (gain confidence and learn how to speak while under pressure)
    • multimedia workshop (training on authentic audio recordings)


Combined course:

    • general French intensive course (25 hours per week)
    • one-to-one course to prepare the exam (from 1 to 5 hours per week, according to level and objective)


At the end of the course, the CAREL will give a skills assessment sheet and a course certificate.

Dates 2024

All year-round

Prices 2024



Diplômes pour valider les compétences en français des candidats étrangers et des Français originaires d’un pays non francophone.

Valider son niveau de français pour une demande de nationalité française, de carte de résident de longue durée ou une validation du niveau A1 dans le cadre du parcours citoyen OFII.

Certifier son niveau de français dans le cadre des démarches d’immigration économique au Canada ou d’obtention de la citoyenneté canadienne. 

Test de positionnement

Les tests proposés permettent d’évaluer vos compétences linguistiques dans la langue choisie.