Test de positionnement Anglais – Lycée

Test de positionnement Anglais – Lycée

    Read the text message from John to Mary, fill in and conjugate the missing verbs in the correct order. Use each verb once only.


    Hello Mary, I hope you with your exams. I always three days in advance to be sure to have good results. I would like to know when you free to study English with me. I studying on Wednesday if you are interested. By the way, Jenny also to study 3 days in advance so I suppose she too. Please let me know.

    Read the email from Michel to Kerry and choose the correct tense of the verb.

    Dear Kerry
    Last time I to the CAREL I really enjoyed myself. I must admit before coming, I reluctant to spend my holidays studying. If only I better, I would have gone sooner.
    My results in English at school since then. What's more is that I so many friends at the CAREL, if only English classes the same at school as at the CAREL. During my week at the CAREL we and fun at the same time. Once, while I an exercise my teacher me to be more creative and let my imagination run free.
    I'll see you the next time you come to Royan for your holidays.

    Choose the correct modal verb for every situation.

    1) ‒ Would it be possible to talk to you right now?
    ‒ I'm sorry you will make an appointment.

    2) ‒ I need your help to install this programme on my computer.
    ‒ I help you, I don't know how to do it.

    3) I speak to Tom please?

    4) The teacher said we could do this for extra marks, but we do it.

    5) You make any mistakes during your test.

    6) I invite Barry to the party?

    Read the text below and answer the questions which follow.

    The salty air breeze upon your face, mixed with the smell of rum pulsing through your sweaty pores, the world seen through one eye and a faithful parrot, the only friend you can trust, as everybody else wants to grab hold of your hoard of stolen treasures: actually being a pirate today is less glorious than back in the old days when men longed for freedom from the land and its laws. The new ocean is now an even vaster place called the internet and the vessel, your very own personal computer. The treasure this time is not money, not gold, but music files, software and films, all downloadable from the internet.


    The hoard

    'The salty air breeze'

    You are on holiday. Write a postcard to your friend. Explain what you are doing at the moment and what you have done earlier in the week.

    What would you like to do in the future (job, etc.)? How will English help you in your future job?