French standard course

French standard course


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from 1 to 8 weeks


A1 to C1


15 students maximum


Monday to Friday : 9:00 – 12:00


At the CAREL


15 hours per week (= 20 lessons)

Presentation of the French standard course


    • improving oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression in various real-life situations (social interaction, speaking in front on an audience, debating, letters and reports, etc.)
    • encouraging linguistic autonomy for more advanced students who must perfom communicative tasks in a professional or academic context
    • reinforcing basic linguistic structures : grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, etc.
    • developing fluency and building confidence when speaking


Il est déterminé en fonction du niveau d’entrée de l’apprenant et de ses objectifs et fait l’objet d’une préparation spécifique. Our program, based on the CEFR scale, are created to enable learners to acheive their objectives quickly.

Our courses are bases upon proven teaching methodologies and textbooks for foreign adult learners, authentic documents and activities in language laboratory in computer laboratory in television studio to re-enact real-life situations

Option : 1-hour extra individual lessons are possible after class


    The students are given two documents at the end of the training :

      • an end of course certificate stating the duration and objectives of the course
      • A skills assessment sheet

    Dates 2024

    July and August

    Admissions for beginners : 01/07, 05/08

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    Prices 2024


    French as Foreign Language

    Diplomas to validate the French skills of foreign candidates and French people from non Francophone countries.

    Valider son niveau de français pour une demande de nationalité française, de carte de résident de longue durée ou une validation du niveau A1 dans le cadre du parcours citoyen OFII.

    Certifier son niveau de français dans le cadre des démarches d’immigration économique au Canada ou d’obtention de la citoyenneté canadienne.

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