TCF Resident card

A reference tool for any person requesting a resident card.

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The TCF for a Resident Card is aimed at any person requesting a long term resident card (10 years).

déroulement du test

The test consists of 4 parts:

On computer :

    • listening comprehension test (15 minutes)
    • reading comprehension test (12 minutes)
    • written test (30 minutes)

Face to face with an examiner :

    • speaking test (10 minutes)


The sessions take place once a month, on Wednesday afternoon.


Sessions programmed in 2020 :

    • the 5th February 2020
    • the 4th March 2020
    • the 8th April 2020
    • the 6th May 2020
    • the 3rd June 2020
    • the 1st July 2020
    • the 5th August 2020


The results are available in approximately 10 days.The Carel will send each candidate a certificate valid for 2 years.It comprises a detailed score for the comprehension test, a score out of 20 for the speaking and writing test, aswell as the mention stating if the overall level A2 was reached.




TCF Resident card : 150€